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Cultural Survey
Our Company

SelectScience is committed to finding people who will fit well with our existing team.

We have an opportunity to conduct a brief Survey that will help us a great deal with our future applicant selection processes. It's very easy to do and will take you literally only a few minutes.

Please complete this brief survey/checklist to help us continue to find the people that will fit with our existing team.  Your responses and the results of the Checklist will come directly to us.

Please note that this is a survey of our culture.  So, individual results are unimportant.  They will be aggregated so that we can get an understanding of our culture overall.

You can easily complete the Checklist at home or in the office.  It will take you only about 3 - 10 minutes to complete… you can do it while sipping on a cup of tea or coffee… it's that simple!

As you begin the Checklist, please enter your name and email address (for a response).  You can also choose to tell us your gender and age.  This is helpful to us but is not compulsory.

So, in summary please…


  • Click the Checklist button to start the process
  • Enter your details
  • Complete the Checklist… it only takes a few minutes
  • Feel good! … we appreciate your help.

Please complete the Checklist as soon as possible.  You must complete it before [INSERT DATE] otherwise we will not be able to make use of your important input.

We look forward to receiving your responses before that date.

Thank you and have a great day!

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Print-friendly Job Ad with web address and scannable QRCode